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Tuition and Financial Aid

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SFI participates in the Federal Financial Aid program for our Certificate, Bachelor of Arts and Masters degree programs, including:
  • Pell Grants,

  • Direct Loans and

  • PLUS loans to qualified students.

Students interested in Federal financial aid should fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and send it to our school code (042580).

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Tuition includes ​all basic production costs:

  • Film stock and processing for class assignments 
  • Access to all instructor required equipment needed to complete the assigned projects. 
  • Students should plan on expenses of up to $600-$800 for books, software, and incidental supplies and an additional $1,000 to $1500 for programs where laptop computers are required. The laptop computer requirements vary by program.

Certificate and Undergraduate Programs:

12-20 credits per quarter:   $7,560.00 per quarter
Less than 12 credits per quarter: $420.00 per credit
Total Program: $37,800.00 (5 quarters—90 credits/$420.00 per credit)

Graduate Programs:

Master of Arts in Producing for Film

6 or more credits per quarter:  $8,250.00
Less than 6 credits per quarter: $600.00 per credit
Total Program: $33,000.00 (4 quarters—55 credits/$600.00 per credit)


Master of Music in Film Composition

6 or more credits per quarter: $10,010.00
Less than 6 credits per quarter: $715.00 per credit
Total Program: $40,040.00 (4 quarters—56 credits/$715.00 per credit)


Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking and Producing

6 or more credits per quarter: $8,250.00
Less than 6 credits per quarter: $660.00 per credit
Total Program: $66,000.00 (8 quarters—100 credits/$660.00 per credit)



For purposes of financial aid, an academic year for full-time students in the Certificate and BA in Film programs is considered to be 36 credits for three quarters (12 credits per quarter). 

Graduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 18 credits for three quarters (6 credits per quarter) to be considered full-time.Tuition and fees are due no later than the first day of the quarter. All tuition, fees, and other charges are payable in U.S. dollars ($US).  Students who fail to pay their account in full or who fail to make scheduled Installment Plan payments will have a late fee assessed to their account. The late fee payment period begins on the second day of the quarter.   A late fee (15 percent per annum, 1.25 percent per month) will be assessed against any owing balance shown on the student’s last statement of account.  Students with past-due account balances will not be permitted to register for future quarters, obtain an official academic transcript, or receive a diploma. They also may be completely withdrawn from current classes.  A continued failure to meet financial obligations may result in the referral of the delinquent account to an outside agency for collection of the total amount due, plus all applicable collection costs and the addition of a collection fee of at least 30 percent and up to 40 percent of the account balance.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Tuition is set at the time of enrollment in the program. If a student withdraws before the end of the program, and re-enrolls in a later session, the tuition rate will be pro-rated for time completed, and the remainder of the tuition will be based on the tuition in effect for the balance of the new program.