Alumni Profile: Ben Park, Director of Photography/Videography at Marketeering Group

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At Seattle Film Institute, we cater to a wide variety of students and interests. Our goal is to give all of our students an immersive education in film and related fields of study. We believe in giving our students hands on experience so they have the tools they need to succeed in life beyond school. Today, we’re zooming in on one of our Alumni, Ben Park from the Class of 2008, who is currently the Director of Photography and Videography for Marketeering Group, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency.

Ben attended SFI’s Total Immersion Filmmaking Program, which was the only full-time program we offered at the time. It was an all-inclusive 10-month program in filmmaking, covering screenwriting to producing to directing, cinematography, editing, and everything in between. Here are a few thoughts from Ben on his experience at SFI, and a few words of wisdom for prospective students

Why did you choose to attend Seattle Film Institute?

I chose to attend SFI because I wanted the opportunity to study film in Seattle. A hands-on learning experience was also important to me, because I was looking for emphasis on learning the craft of filmmaking, not just sitting in a classroom. I chose SFI because they fit that bill completely.

What was your experience finding a job after graduation?

Right after graduation, I had a few different part-time jobs in the industry. One of which was a gig editing and shooting wedding videos which I started during my last couple months at school. I was also placed in an internship through the school with a Seattle TV production company a few months after graduation. It took a bit of time to find full-time work in the field, but my connections made at SFI have led to my current job. I'm currently working as the Director of the Photography and Videography department at a small marketing company, where I use the filmmaking skills I learned at SFI everyday.

What was your favorite part about attending SFI?

My favorite part about attending SFI was the opportunity to apply what I was learning directly to hands-on film projects where I learned a lot through experience; trial and error, which is crucial in learning the craft of filmmaking. We weren’t just sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher talk, we really had the chance to get out there and learn our craft in a practical way.

What's one piece of advice you would give to a prospective student interested in studying film?

No matter what path you take to learn film, give yourself opportunities to put what you're learning into practice so you have the opportunity to fail and make mistakes. There's no way to really know the craft without trying, and it's those mistakes that will teach you what to do right the next time, and even better the time after that.

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