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Amanda Bearse

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BA - Liberal Studies (Antioch University) | MFA candidate Producing (Seattle Film Institute)

Amanda has had a professional career for over thirty years in the entertainment industry - as an actor (SAG/AFTRA), a director (DGA) and producer. She graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse, studying acting under Sanford Meisner.  Amanda helped launch the FOX network where she created the role of Marcy D’Arcy on  “Married…With Children”. Amanda began directing the classic comedy, after studying at USC and The American Film Institute. Twenty-five years and hundreds of sitcom episodes later, Amanda has worked for Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Paramount and 20th Century Fox, on shows airing across most of the major television networks. Amanda directed sketch comedy for six years on “Mad TV”, and produced and directed every episode of “The Big Gay Sketch Show”, which ran for three seasons on LOGO. Recently, she directed and produced the web series, “Skirtchasers” for Tello Films, and the web series “HIGH Tech” for SFI Productions. Currently, Amanda serves as SFI’s Acting for Film Concentration Lead in both Undergraduate & Graduate programs.

BA in Film
Certificate in Film
Acting for Film
Interdisciplinary Studies