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Application Instructions - Bachelor of Arts in Film

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Please complete the online form linked below to apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Film degree  program at Seattle Film Institute.

You can select from one of four concentrations: Filmmaking | Acting for Film | Sound Design & Recording Arts |  Motion Graphics & Visual FX.

If you're not sure at this time which specialization is right for you, it is possible to change it after submitting your application and before the first week of classes.
Select the specialization that interests you most right now, so that we'll know your interest.

For students with an A.A. transfer degree (or equivalent 90 credits) applying to the BA in Film, the degree will be awarded on completion of the program's five quarters (one year for full-time students).

For all other students, the BA will be awarded upon completion of your 90 general education and non-filmmaking credits.  These credits may be taken at any community college or university you choose to attend. 

SFI gives you the freedom to determine the order in which you take your classes.  This pathway is called an upside-down degree. 
Simply put, it gives you the option of completing your film major before all of your other degree requirements.

Apply by Mail?

If you'd prefer to apply by mail, Download the Acrobat PDF file .  

Or contact us by phone, (800) 882-4734

or email info@seattlefilminstitute.com to have a form mailed to you.

For the Masters Programs application, Click Here.

Undergraduate ProgramsApplication Checklist:

  • To be considered for a the BA in Film degree program, you must have a transferable AA Degree or equivalent college experience (90 credits).

  • APPLICATION and application fee (fee waived if applying online!)
  • APPLICATION ESSAY: Personal Essay: A short personal essay (250-1000 words) consisting of your autobiography and your plans for the future. If you’d like to discuss specific points, please tell us a little about who you are, how you became interested in filmmaking and what you hope to get out of this program. We encourage you to write your essay in a word processing program. When you are done writing, you can either attach the essay file to this application or copy the essay into the text entry box below.
  • TRANSCRIPTS: An official transcript from any and all colleges/universities attended. You don't need to include the transcripts with this application, you can submit this application before we receive the transcripts.
    This includes original transcripts from any institution where you might have taken credits that later transferred to another school. Whenever possible, your transcripts should come directly to the our Undergraduate Admissions Office from the college/university of origin.

SEND TRANSCRIPTS TO: (also for the print application form if you are NOT applying online):

Undergraduate Admissions
Seattle Film Institute
3210 16th Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98119

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