Are You Interested In Sound Design For Film?

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If you’ve found your niche in music for movies, are ready to create the next great jingle, or aspire to score a feature film soundtrack one day, our sound design program may be just what you’re looking for. One of the few Sound Design and Recording Arts Programs in the Pacific Northwest, this program’s holistic approach, internship program, and top notch faculty can get you where you want to go.

Holistic approach to sound

Without music, film lacks a huge piece of the story. Sound is responsible for telling the viewers how to feel: happy, sad, scared, lonely. Its an integral piece of the story, and therefore, we take a holistic approach with our students. Our program covers dialogue, sound effects, mixing and mastering. You’ll become familiar with technology and a variety of other devices you’ll encounter in the workforce. From Foley recording, to production audio techniques, background and sound effects, and more, this program explores a variety of aspects involved in creating the best sound and becoming an industry professional.

Work with a directors, editors and producers

If you’re interested in audio recording, that means you’re interested in becoming a part of a team who brings stories to life on the big screen. The best and most difficult of filmmaking can be bringing all of the pieces together, and working together with directors, actors, and producers to create a film. At SFI, we understand that, and prepare you to do that throughout your time at school. Our curriculum integrates our different programs, so you’ll get to work with students in various aspects of film production. That means, by the time you graduate, you’ll have experience working with various members of the production team and have a variety of work to add to your portfolio.

Finish fast

At SFI, our curriculums are built to fully cover your specialty in five quarters. That means you’ll be in and out of our program in just over a year and be prepared to take on the world with your expertise. Some students will come into our program already having an AA degree and leave with a bachelors, while others will jump straight into their passion for film.

Professional acclaimed internship program

Internships are invaluable when it comes to applying for full time positions. When you’re a student at SFI, you’ll have access to our top-of-the-industry internship program and get to work with some of the best talent in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Through this program, you’ll grow your network, build your portfolio, and cultivate your opportunities for your career.

Whether you’re finishing high school and ready for the next step or you’ve been working at a job you’re less than thrilled about for years and want to change your career, SFI has a lot to offer. Our film scoring program is one of the best around, and we also offer a variety of programs. To schedule a tour, learn more about our programs, or apply, visit our website today!

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