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The Concentration

At SFI all undergraduate students choose a concentration based on their interests and career paths that provides a central framework to the SFI education and career opportunities:


Digital Arts, Animation & Game Design

Acting For Film

Audio Production & Sound Design

The concentrations and programs provide a total-immersion educational experience that revolves around a collaborative framework that is so crucial in the world of film.  Students complete the concentration or program as a cohort—that is all students’ progress together through the concentration as a group on the same schedule rather than choosing individual classes.

The Components of a BA Degree:

A traditional bachelor's degree has three components: general education, core courses (the concentration or major), and electives or additional coursework that support the student’s concentration.  General education is a fundamental component of a BA degree and focuses on a breadth of subjects including humanities, writing, qualitative reasoning, history and science that provide the foundation of a college education.  Core courses are concentration specific and provide the structure for students to become proficient in their chosen field.  The additional coursework that complete the requirements for the BA degree focus on and complement the concentration.     

The Integrated BA Education at Seattle Film Institute

The BA program at Seattle Film Institute offers a wide range of choices to meet the diverse needs of students in terms of completion time for the program (from as short as 2 ½ years) and different options for participating including on-ground and online/low residency options.  

SFI’s BA degree features three key components for all students:

            1.  The Foundation (3 quarters—50 Credits)

            2.  The Concentration (5 quarters—90 Credits)

            3.  The Culmination (2 quarters—40 Credits)

The “standard” schedule for SFI’s accelerated BA degree from start to finish is just 2 ½ years.  Students begin their education with the Foundation, a shared experience for all SFI students that feature general education and related coursework designed specifically for students in all of SFI’s concentrations.  The next 5 quarters consist of the Concentration, the student’s area of study.  Here, students complete a concentrated total-immersion course of study in their chosen field.  Students complete the coursework in the concentration as part of a collaborative group that features a cohort structure.  Students finish their education at SFI with the Culmination, two quarters of study that offer coursework featuring high-impact practices that enrich the student’s experience and provide the final stages of the student’s educational development.

SFI’s BA Degree—Flexible and Structured

While the “standard schedule” at SFI offers an accelerated path for a BA degree, many students come to SFI with previous college credits or have participated in Running Start programs.  SFI prides itself on its “transfer-friendly” structure.  All students take the concentration which provides the central framework to SFI’s education. These 90 credits are always taken at SFI.  The remaining 90 credits can be transferred from another institution.  Students with an AA transfer degree, for example, can complete a BA degree at SFI by simply completing SFI’s 90-credit concentration coursework and earn a completion BA in just 14 months.  For all other students with credits from another institution, SFI offers a customized degree completion structure where students can take the concentration either before or after any additional SFI coursework that’s needed to complete the 180 credits required for a BA degree.  SFI also offers the flexibility for students to complete their degree requirements at another institution after they finish SFI’s concentration and still receive an SFI degree.