BA & Certificate in Film

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In today’s world, nothing is cookie cutter. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why we offer flexible and innovative pathways to help you earn that degree and get that job in the film industry.

Start here. Your career begins at Seattle Film Institute.

Degrees and Certificates

Our Certificate or Bachelor’s of Arts in Film Degree can be earned with the following concentrations:

Ultimate Flexibility — Earn Your BA at Seattle Film Institute

Once you’ve decided on your field of study, take advantage of one of the following options

to accelerate your education and career: the Certificate; the BA; the Completion BA:

The Certificate

Come to SFI. Jump-start your career as you complete your chosen 

concentration in just over one year. You’ll graduate with the education 

and training that provide the tools you need to embark on your career 

in the entertainment industry and you will also have earned 90 college

credits.  As you prepare for next-steps, take advantage of SFI’s 

Career Services Department who are ready to assist you with job 

placement and in obtaining internships.

The BA Degree

SFI divides the 180-credit BA degree into two totally

separate components: the general education classes (90

credits) and the courses in your chosen concentration (90

credits). You can complete these two parts in any order to

earn your BA degree. This modular approach gives you total

flexibility to meet your educational and career goals.

While the typical BA takes four academic years to complete,

the SFI BA can be completed in just three years from start to

finish or in as little as one year, depending on your

previous education.


Upside-Down Degree Pathway:  Start with your Concentration

It’s called an Upside-Down Degree because you start right away 

with your concentration without having to wait until your junior or

senior year in college to begin taking your filmmaking classes.



First Year: Complete your chosen concentration at SFI. Earn

90 college credits and your Certificate in Film.

Second and third years: Complete your general education

classes (AA degree or equivalent) at any community

college or university of your choice or take advantage of

SFI’s educational partnerships with institutions offering

complimentary programs.


Self-paced:  Set your own timetable

Complete your chosen concentration at SFI in one year and 

earn your Certificate in Film.  Then take as little or as much 

time as you need to complete your general education requirements.

Join our many graduates who start their careers and then complete 

their BA at their own pace once they’re already working in

their chosen profession.


Accelerated Traditional BA Degree Pathway

First two years: Complete the 90 college credits needed for

your general education requirements/AA degree or equivalent.

Third year: Complete your chosen concentration at SFI.


This pathway is great for students that want to start by

taking advantage of SFI’s educational partnerships with 

community colleges or colleges that offer complimentary 

programs.  It basically gives you a double-major as you 

combine your AA emphasis (say Acting for theater or 

digital filmmaking or Motion Design, or perhaps Business) 

with your chosen concentration at SFI.

Accelerated Completion BA Degree


Already have your AA degree or equivalent (90 college

credits)? Choose your concentration at SFI and complete your

BA degree in just over one year instead of the typical two

academic years required at most other institutions. This

choice is ideal for students who have completed an AA degree

at a community college or have the necessary credits from a

university. And, if you haven’t quite finished those credits but 

you’re close, you can still enroll in this program. The

completion BA degree is ideal for those that are looking for

an accelerated pathway to both earn a BA degree and jumpstart

a career.


Ultra Accelerated: Upside-Down or Traditional Pathway 


Whether you choose the Upside-Down or traditional pathway,

you can accelerate our degree even more by using any college eligible

credits you have earned from Running Start, CTE or

any other dual credit program. This will shorten the time

you’ll need to complete your general education portion of

your degree.

Example: If you’ve already earned your Running Start AA

degree in high school, you’ll complete your BA in just over a

year at SFI.