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Seattle Film Institute announces Master of Arts in Producing for Film

Press Release: 7/25/2018

Seattle Film Institute announces a Master of Arts degree in Producing for Film online starting September 17, 2018. The program teaches skills to produce traditional film, web series and television projects and gain the project management skills needed for careers in creative arts and multi-media production. This accelerated program allows students to earn a Master of Arts degree in just 40 weeks.

Join SFI for Summer 2018 Teen Filmmaking Programs!

If you are a teen between the ages of 13 and 18 and are passionate about writing scripts, getting the ideal shot, and editing to perfection, SFI has the perfect summer programs for you. This summer, our teen sessions include three filmmaking programs and one acting program. In each session, students will get hands-on experience with professional video equipment and learn about the various aspects of creating and producing films.

Legendary Film Educator Dov Simens Brings His 2-DAY FILM SCHOOL™ to SFI

Dov Simens has helped Quentin Tarantino, Will Smith, Guy Ritchie and countless others launch their careers in film. On September 22 and 23, 2018, he’ll be bringing his acclaimed 2-DAY FILM SCHOOL™ program to Seattle Film Institute.  

How to Make the Most of Your College Search Process

If you are a prospective college student for the upcoming academic year, which school you’ll attend in the fall is probably at the top of your mind. Whether you have many options to choose from or you have narrowed down your list to a few colleges, deciding which school you’ll attend is a big decision!  

Oscars 2018: SFI Faculty Picks

The Oscars are almost here! With the red carpet rolling out on March 4, Seattle Film Institute has decided to cast our own votes in each category. This year’s nominees include a number of great films, notable actors, novel musical compositions, and more to the big screen. The following are SFI’s picks for this years Oscar’s, according to a poll of SFI’s teaching faculty!

Which SFI Degree Option is Best for You?

At Seattle Film Institute, we know that students have different academic needs and various timelines within which they hope to finish their education. While some students may hope to get in and out of college as quickly as possible, others may need to spread their courses out over time. Whether you are interested in getting an introduction to film through the BA Certificate Program or hoping to earn a full bachelor’s degree, our curriculum offers a few ways to earn your credentials.

SFI Alumni Work Together On Set of “The Killing Joke”

A film crew that included several Seattle Film Institute alumni has recently finished shooting "The Killing Joke," a full-length independent film. This movie tells the story of a standup comedian on the brink of his big break- until a series of murders trail him and chaos ensues. The story is a creative integration horror and comedy, planning to reach the film festival circuit next year.

SFI Partners with Gdynia Film School in Poland for film collaboration

Seattle Film Institute and the Gdynia Film School in Gdynia, Poland are starting a unique cultural exchange through film. Through this program, students from Seattle’s Polish sister city and SFI will create an intercontinental film crew made up of students from both cities.

SFI Spotlight: Q&A With Horror Filmmaker Jeff Ferrell

October is here, which means it’s horror film season. This year, Seattle Film Institute is hosting a unique horror filmmaking extension class taught by SFI alumni Jeff Ferrell. Ferrell is a horror film creator, actor, and connoisseur known for his internationally distributed films Ghostlight and Dead West.