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Take a look at the credit roll at the end of any film or television production. They represent the careers, jobs and opportunities made possible through our programs here at Seattle Film Institute.

Our students gain valuable professional experience and contacts through our long running internship program. Whether it’s in Los Angeles with Toby Maguire Entertainment or Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions, here in Seattle with Microsoft or Screaming Flea, our internships provide that critical first professional know-how that is crucial to starting your career in film.

At SFI, you’ll gain the education and skills to land that job you’ve dreamed about in the entertainment industry. What’s more, we’ll connect you to those jobs and the experience that will give you an edge through our internship program.



Grad Stories

“PNWFS did an amazing job creating a curriculum to help you learn how to write music to picture, regardless of your experience level.  It covered everything from different softwares, writing techniques, orchestration, and even the business itself.  It's also a great program for those looking to get into the industry.  I've been working in the film industry since graduation, and almost ever single gig I've had can be traced back to connections I made through PNWFS."

Bobby Rose, 2013 MM in Film Composing

After working several years as an editor at Screaming Flea productions on Hoarders and other shows, Jerush is now working as an editor in Los Angeles.

Jerusha Thom, 2010 Certificate in Film

"Applying to the Master of Music degree program at PNWFSP will stand up as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life… through the rigorous, breakneck pace I sweated and toiled. I came out the other side like a mother of dragons with the dramatic underscore to match, and graduated with the confidence, connections and tools to blaze my path forward."

Susan Wood, 2013 MM in Film Composing

Before I decided to go to film school, I did my fair share of research. I looked up and made the obligatory pros and cons list. I am not one spend money on just anything, so if I was going to part with nearly 40 k, I felt I should dig in and see I would get a return on such a heafty investment. Basically, I wanted to know if this was the equivalent of bar tending school. I am very happy to say it is not!

My time here at SFI has been a tremendous success. The instructors are always willing to put in as much time with you as needed before or after class to help your creativity along. I have met some great people that I will have as friends for years and cannot wait to see where we all go!

Chpp Ohl, 2016 BA in Film

Gabriel has directed many films since graduation, including internet sensation Dark Dungeons, a seriously played satire on the famous Jack Chick comic tracts.

Lautaro Gonda, 2009 Certificate in Film

Zachary's experience had mainly been in music; he was able to plunge in right away, making films in Super 8 and Digital Video at SFI.

Zachary Kynaston, 2011 Certificate in Film

Julia's 16mm film All Sorts combined a difficult location with a child actor as the lead, and gone on to be one of our favorite films to show in class since.

Julia Nolan-Wheatly, 2008 Certificate in Film

"Studying at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program was an incredible experience. The instructors all work in different areas of the music business, and are wonderful mentors who helped us not only to reach our potential musically, but taught us how to find our creative niches, promote ourselves, and navigate the industry after we graduate. I'd recommend this program to anyone looking to hone their craft and find work making music for media.”

Hank Fiskevold, 2016 MM in Film Composing