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On Site Video Training

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SFI can tailor an on site class in video production to meet your organization's needs in everything from digital video editing, to camerawork and lighting, to web delivery; media compression, and beyond.

Our instructors have designed and taught courses for many different student levels, including corporate, government and non-profit arenas. We can custom deliver production courses for one to a dozen, at your site or our facility. Our clients have included REI, City of Seattle, TMobile, and KIRO 7 TV. Additionally, we can conduct courses in our studios or edit lab, if that is more productive for our clients.

Contact Chris Blanchett at chris@sfi.edu or (206) 568-4387  for an appointment to discuss your specific video production training needs. In addition, limited funding is available through the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges to cover much of the training costs for qualifying businesses.

Another exciting  offering is our team building education workshops

These sessions are for anyone in your organization--no prior video experience required. Participants work together to create their own video from scratch in just one day. This fun activity builds teams and creates connections across departments, giving employees a chance to get to know each other in a novel way. It is ideal for annual retreat activities. Our instructors have already guided hundreds of people through this exciting new team building exercise.

Call for more details: (206) 568-4387 Or email info@sfi.edu