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Blended Distance Education — A 21st Century Way to Learn from Seattle Film Institute

Earn your Seattle Film Institute BA or Graduate Degree in Film 

You’ll get a high quality, hands-on education from one of the leading film schools in the nation, right here in Santa Fe with an educational experience that blends the best of traditional on-ground education with the flexibility of online learning as you develop the skills you need to jump-start your career in the entertainment industry.

•    Meet with your peers in a collaborative environment 

•    On the ground delivery: In hands-on classes such as production and editing; you’ll learn by doing; intensive online learning through lectures, web conferences and hands-on experience.

•    Take advantage of a cutting edge blended distance-education curriculum delivery.

Master the skills you need to jumpstart your career in the entertainment industry.

Choose from the following concentrations to earn your Certificate, Undergraduate or Graduate Degree:

Seattle Film Institute’s BA in Film Degree is accelerated and innovative.

Earn an accelerated BA degree from start to finish in three years or less.

Complete your BA in just over one year if you already have an AA degree or the equivalent credits from a community college or university -- Start with your concentration above to earn an “Upside-Down” degree.

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Technical Skills/Requirements 

1. Must meet a minimum proficiency as set forth by SFI instructional designer
2. Must be trained, certified and evaluated for SFI Learning Management System (LMS) proficiency 
3. Must use the uniformed Learning Management System adopted by SFI
4. Be familiar with Online teaching environment (link tutorial provided on home page) 
5. Sufficient technical skills to develop the required course content in partnership with SFI instructional designer using SFI LMS software 
6. Access to and the ability to use SFI e-mail, video conferencing tools and ability to upload/download video and documents through third-party hosting (i.e. DropBox, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Link to SFI Distance Education Policy