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Our Film History courses range from a broad overview course to  classes on individual filmmakers and specific genres. Generally, we run a course once a year; If you don't see any listed, or none in the topic you're interested in, give us a call at 206 568-4387 or our email info@sfi.edu


Your CE Instructor: We are excited that Dr. Paul Morton joins us at Seattle Film Institute this Fall. Paul is a recent alum of University of Washington's Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media Studies department where he was awarded the Presidential Dissertation Fellowship. His thesis work, The Zagreb School of Animation and the Unperfect, was defended in 2018. He teaches at local colleges and at the University of Washington and works as a writer part-time in Seattle.

History of Animation: Before Buzz Lightyear

Mondays 7pm-10pm, SFI Hitchcock Theater. September 30th - December 2, 2019 8 weeks (Classes will NOT be held November 11, 2019 Veterans Day and November 25, 2019 Thanksgiving Week)

Cost: $299


"The first movie I ever saw was a horror movie. It was Bambi. When that little deer gets caught in the forest fire, I was terrified, but I was also exhilarated." — Stephen King

This course is an examination of the animation medium. The first half of the course will primarily focus on classical Hollywood animation from 1928 to 1958. In the second half of the course we will study animation from studios in Canada, Europe, and Asia. What is the definition of an animated film? What can an animated film do that a live-action film cannot do? How have animators handled questions of race and gender? How have they handled sex and violence? How does animation technology change through the century and how does technology affect the meaning of animated films?

Cinema and the City: Cityscapes of the 20th Century

Fridays 5pm-8pm, SFI Hitchcock Theater. September 27th - November 15th, 2019. 8 weeks.

Cost: $299


The history of the modern city is intertwined with the history of cinema. This introductory film course will examine how film captured the world’s cityscapes as they rose and fell throughout the twentieth century. How did changing conceptions of modernity and urbanism affect cinema? Did cinema invent an idea of a global city? How did cinema itself affect city life? Screenings to include Taxi Driver, The Third Man, Bicycle Thieves, Blade Runner, Man with a Movie Camera, M, and many more.


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Sorry... there are no extension classes scheduled in this category at this time. Please call (206) 568-4387 or email info@sfi.edu for more information about upcoming classes.