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The Cinema Books* Library at SFI

SFI’s library contains approximately 4,000 volumes which cover a variety of film topics, including

  • film history
  • cinematography, lighting, sound and related technical topics
  • editing and special effects
  • Hollywood business and producing
  • independent filmmaking and distribution
  • critical and biographical works on directors and actors
  • international and genre cinema
  • screenwriting and screenplays
  • acting technique
  • audition monologues

The library’s catalog is online at

Additionally, the SFI library has access to the Omni Music for Media and Hollywood Edge Sound Effect databases.

*Our library is named for the Cinema Books store which operated in the University District for almost forty years, until 2015, when the owner, Stephanie Ogle, retired. Stephanie donated her remaining inventory to our library, greatly expanding our collections, a generous act for which we are very grateful.