BA/Cert - Interdisciplinary Studies

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Bachelor of Arts | Certificate

Seattle Film Institute’s Undergraduate Concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Students work closely with our team of faculty and advisors to create a custom-tailored program that will help you to explore your areas of interest in various aspects of filmmaking in an almost almost infinite combination of study. For example, a student might combine aspects of Filmmaking with Acting for Film or with Motion Graphics or a combination. Choose from our available concentrations: Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Motion Graphics & Visual FX and Sound Design & Recording Arts for a bespoke five-quarter program that perfectly suits students’ career aspirations and needs.

All undergraduate students complete a 5th quarter capstone project working with classmates from all of our other disciplines in a truly unique and collaborative experience that readies them for real world career work in the entertainment industry.

Once you graduate, you’ll have the ready skills needed to access a job-market as diverse as your designed program. Educational choice, maximum flexibility and a program tailored to your needs and promising future.
Expect the best at SFI.

Bachelor of Arts | Certificate:
Filmmaking | Acting for Film | Motion Graphics & Visual FX | Sound Design & Recording Arts | Interdisciplinary Studies

Careers & Internships

Our students gain valuable professional experience and contacts through our internship and career placement program. Our internships provide that critical first professional know-how that is crucial to starting your career in film. 

At SFI, you’ll get the skills and education, as well the important job placement assistance you need to start your career in the film industry.

Grad Stories

Through the internship program, I was able to work on an independent feature film three days after moving to LA. I not only learned what it is like to work on a real production, but the connections I made from that one internship have now given me eight other job opportunities; and led to my being hired to direct an independent feature film. The internship program has made a world of difference in my life.

Alex Meader

Life in Seattle

Seattle is a sports town. Whether you like the Mariners, Seahawks, Storm, Sounders, there is always something to see and with tons of play fields located all throughout the city, always something to do. 

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