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Legendary Film Educator Dov Simens Brings His 2-DAY FILM SCHOOL™ to SFI

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Dov Simens has helped Quentin Tarantino, Will Smith, Guy Ritchie and countless others launch their careers in film. On September 22 and 23, 2018, he’ll be bringing his acclaimed 2-DAY FILM SCHOOL™ program to Seattle Film Institute.  

Dov’s program is beneficial to anyone who wants to generate their own work in the film industry,” said Chris Blanchett, SFI’s communications director “It’s a particularly great fit for our filmmaking and producing students.”

This two-day program helps aspiring filmmakers learn the skills they need to produce and sell their films.   

On day one, Filmmaking 101, students will learn about writing, shooting, editing, and other aspects of film production on any budget. The second day of the program, Dealmaking 101, is devoted to selling their product (“It's called show business, not show art,” Dov says.). This branch of the program teaches students about financing films, working with agents and attorneys, maximizing grosses and profits, and more.

Dov will be teaching two sets of SFI students: the graduating filmmaking class and the incoming producing class.  

“Our graduating filmmakers benefit from Dov’s ability to motivate with knowledge, and really feel confident that they can go out and apply the filmmaking skills they’ve acquired by generating their own projects,” Blanchett said.

As for the incoming producing students, this session helps them grow their understanding of the industry and learn real-world approaches to their craft.

“Dov’s program is a great introduction to our incoming producing students,” Blanchett said. “He gives an incredibly coherent overview and working knowledge of the producing process, which our graduate students in producing cover in-depth over the next ten months.”

SFI wanted to bring Dov to campus to help students gain motivation and confidence in their filmmaking abilities and bring together the artistic and business-driven aspects of filmmaking.

“Dov and SFI are a great mutual fit because, in our own way, we’re both dedicated to demystifying the filmmaking process,” Blanchett added.

In addition to the SFI students, limited spaces are available to the general public as well at a cost of $389, with an early-bird special of $289 for those who sign up before July 1. To sign up for this class and/or learn about other opportunities at Seattle Film Institute, contact the SFI team!

Image courtesy of webfilmschool.com.