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The Master of Fine Arts (MA) in Filmmaking & Producing is the only graduate degree program of its kind, combining the hands-on production skills of a filmmaker with the business and project management skills of a producer. In this two-year program, students focus on their chosen concentration in year one and participate in a core curriculum during their second year.

Year One: Filmmaking

Hands-on training in all aspects of filmmaking in our working film studio in a uniquely collaborative environment. 

Our Filmmaking program is the destination for students who are ready to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality. For one intense year students live, eat and breathe filmmaking in class, and on the set.

The Filmmaking Concentration provides a comprehensive and integrated foundation in all aspects of filmmaking, in an environment where students collaborate with their fellow classmates on crew-based projects and also with students from all of the other field-specific concentrations at SFI and will have a portfolio of work that includes producing, directing, editing, cinematography, sound design and more.

Seattle Film Institute is the only film school in the United States bringing together all of these filmmaking programs within the immediacy of one building.

Program Highlights

Gain Experience in all Aspects of Filmmaking

• Directing

• Cinematography

• Editing

• Writing

• Narrative and Documentary

Hands-on and Project-Based

• Shoot your first film roll the first week of class

• Work in Film

• Work in HD with both large and small format cameras

• Learn Filmmaking by Making Films as you complete 10-15 projects

• Rotate Crew Positions

• Write a feature-length screenplay

Career-Focused and Professionally-Driven

• Develop a professional demo-reel

• Craft a work-related resume with a range of crew positions

• Professional Internship Program

Other available MFA concentrations:
Acting | Motion Graphics & Visual FX | Sound Design & Recording Arts | Interdisciplinary Studies

Year Two: Producing

The core curriculum provides all students with an overview of the filmmaking process and focuses on the four major areas of producing: 

• Creative elements and the creative team

• The business of filmmaking (business, financial and legal)

• Management (pre-production, production, and post-production)

• Marketing and distribution

The curriculum and the mission of the MFA is to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and practical skills to define and implement career goals and accomplish their creative, business, and entrepreneurial goals with personal and professional integrity.

The MFA in Filmmaking & Producing is ideal for those intending to start their own production companies or work as free-lance filmmakers and provides students the tools and abilities to generate and oversee projects as well as the hands-on production skills needed to implement those projects and see them though to completion.

Program Highlights

• Acquire a wide-ranging skill set that combines the tools and abilities of a filmmaker with those of a producer

• Gain hands-on experience in all aspects of filmmaking including writing, directing, cinematography, and editing

• Work in both film and HD video

• Complete a feature-length screenplay

• Construct a demo-reel of completed projects

• Craft a resume with specific crew positions

• Learn to Initiate, coordinate, supervise all aspects of a film production including creative, business, management, and marketing, distribution and sales

• Learn filmmaking by making films as students work on 10-15 projects during the program

• Obtain a skill-set that is directly applicable to a wide range of career paths involving project development, project management, business planning, financial oversight, and marketing.

• Conceive and develop a feature film proposal from tag line to budget, schedule, business plan and finance and distribution plan.

• Develop your professional network as you stay with the same group of students throughout the cohort based program

• Experience the opportunity and energy of Seattle’s diverse production community as a center for independent filmmaking, software development, web based companies, and hi-tech video gaming

• Gain professional work experience as a participant in the SFI internship program

Filmmaking | Producing | Acting for FilmMotion Graphics & Visual FX | Sound Design & Recording Arts Film Composition

Life in Seattle

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Career Services and Coaching

All our students benefit from SFI’s commitment to career services and coaching. SFI helps our students gain valuable professional experience, contacts, and take the critical first steps toward launching their careers. 

Grad Stories

Through the internship program, I was able to work on an independent feature film three days after moving to LA. I not only learned what it is like to work on a real production, but the connections I made from that one internship have now given me eight other job opportunities; and led to my being hired to direct an independent feature film. The internship program has made a world of difference in my life.

Alex Meader

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