Motion Graphics & Visual FX

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Bachelor of Arts | Certificate

Motion Graphics is a rapidly expanding field with vast career potential.

This time-based form of visual communication creates the appearance of motion and transformation, and can be applied to film title sequences, broadcast advertising, digital game production, the web, visual presentations, kinetic art and much, much more.

The five-quarter Undergraduate Motion Graphics and Visual FX Concentration emphasizes both the artistic and technical aspects of motion design, while providing students a thorough grounding in traditional filmmaking skills. The concentration is highly technical and creative at the same time.

Students complete a 5th quarter capstone project working with classmates from all of our other disciplines in a truly unique and collaborative experience that readies them for real world career work in motion graphics.

Students graduate with the skill set, experience, and professional portfolio necessary to launch successful careers, and are eligible to participate in SFI's professional internship program. 

Program Highlights

• Graphic Design

• Visual Storytelling

• Sequencing Images

• Compositing

• Editing

• Screenwriting

• Storyboarding

• Cinematography and Lighting

• Film History and Analysis

• Audio

• Hands-On and Project-Based Curriculum

• Career-Focused and Professionally-Driven

• Develop a Professional Demo Reel

• Craft a Work-Related Resume

• Professional Internship Program

Bachelor of Arts | Certificate:
Filmmaking | Acting for Film | Motion Graphics & Visual FX | Sound Design & Recording Arts | Interdisciplinary Studies

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Careers & Internships

Our students gain valuable professional experience and contacts through our internship and career placement program. Our internships provide that critical first professional know-how that is crucial to starting your career in film. 

At SFI, you’ll get the skills and education, as well the important job placement assistance you need to start your career in the film industry.

Grad Stories

Through the internship program, I was able to work on an independent feature film three days after moving to LA. I not only learned what it is like to work on a real production, but the connections I made from that one internship have now given me eight other job opportunities; and led to my being hired to direct an independent feature film. The internship program has made a world of difference in my life.

Alex Meader

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