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SFI Partners with Gdynia Film School in Poland for film collaboration

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Seattle Film Institute and the Gdynia Film School in Gdynia, Poland are starting a unique cultural exchange through film. Through this program, students from Seattle’s Polish sister city and SFI will create an intercontinental film crew made up of students from both cities.

The students will be working together in all aspects of filmmaking, including script writing, production, editing and more. The initial stages of development and scriptwriting will happen over Skype and email, followed by three weeks of production in each city.  

The two schools have also discussed the possibility of shooting the same script twice, once in Seattle and once in Gdynia, or having a script and storyline that encompasses both cities. The finished product will be available in both English and Polish with subtitles in both languages.

Students in this program will learn about the filmmaking process in both countries. While film is highly enterprise oriented in America, there is more government involvement with financing and distribution in Poland.  Experiencing a different model first-hand will be highly educational for students from both countries.

Students who participate will also have the opportunity to build a network of international contacts, which will be particularly beneficial because international production opportunities are becoming more and more prevalent. Additionally, both Seattle and Gdynia also have thriving and respected international film festivals, so there are many further collaborative opportunities to explore.

This unique international exchange is the first program of its kind between the two colleges. It is a new program, born out of the desire to create a film related cultural exchange between Seattle and Gdynia, specifically with students from the Seattle Film Institute and the Gdynia Film School.  

This collaboration is made possible by the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association (SGSCA) and the Seattle Polish Film Festival. The SGSCA has produced the Seattle Polish Film Festival for the past 24 years, and helped create this exchange as a part of the film festival’s 25th year. Representatives from the organization and SFI came up with the idea of a joint-venture film with have shot in each city. When pitched to the Gdynia Film School, they were enthusiastic about the program.

This program is SFI’s first international exchange program, but it will not be our last! To learn more about our program, stay in touch on social media.

Image courtesy of pexels.com.