Sound Design & Recording Arts

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Bachelor of Arts | Certificate

Each soundtrack tells a unique story and imparts emotional resonance for the audience. Create all facets of a project’s soundtrack, from dialogue and sound effects to the final mix and master the technical skills and aesthetic awareness needed to set you apart in the field.

Sound Design & Recording Arts

Whether working on feature films, television, the web, digital games or live productions, the sound designer is responsible for all aspects of a project’s soundtrack: from the dialogue and sound effects to the final mix. In Seattle Film Institute’s Sound Design & Recording Arts Concentration, students master the skills to effectively record sound on location and in-studio, as well as the technical expertise and aesthetic awareness needed to work as sound designers.

Students receive in-depth training in the use of Pro-Tools and graduate with the skill set, experience and professional portfolio necessary to launch successful careers. Graduating students are eligible to participate in SFI’s professional internship program.

This five quarter concentration can be taken as a certificate or a BA degree in the Film program.

During the 5th quarter, students complete capstone project working with classmates from all of our other disciplines in a truly unique and collaborative experience that readies them for real world career work in the entertainment industry.


• On-Location Sound

• Recording Devices and Audio Equipment

• Production Audio Techniques

• Field Recording and Mixing

• ADR and Dialog Editing

• Foley Recording

• Backgrounds and Sound Effects

• Studio Recording Techniques

• Mixing Techniques

• Hands-On Project-Based Curriculum

• Career-Focused and Professionally Driven

• Develop a Professional Demo Reel

• Craft a Work-Related Resume

• Professional Internship Program

Bachelor of Arts | Certificate:
Filmmaking | Acting for Film | Motion Graphics & Visual FX | Sound Design & Recording Arts | Interdisciplinary Studies

Careers & Internships

Our students gain valuable professional experience and contacts through our internship and career placement program. Whether it’s in Los Angeles with Toby Maguire Entertainment or  here in Seattle with Microsoft or Screaming Flea (Hoarders), our internships provide that critical first professional know-how that is crucial to starting your career in film. 

At SFI, you’ll get the skills and education, as well the important job placement assistance you need to start your career in the film industry.

Grad Stories

After completing the BA in Film / Sound Design and Recording Arts in 2014, Nick was sound recordist on Dump Site and Supraluminal, an interactive sound environment theater piece for Seattle Immersive theater, and boom operator on the feature film Beta Test, among many other projects since.    

Nick Abercrombie
BA in Film

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