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Seattle is famous for it's outdoorsy culture. In the winter, skiing is an hour away, in the summer, there's a beach 10 mins from the school. SFI is near a major traffic separated bike path that goes from Downtown, past the school and up to Ballard and the beach at Golden Gardens; or take a right and it goes to the University of Washington, around Lake Washington and all the way to Redmond on the Eastside. We're also close to dining and music clubs downtown and in the Ballard neighborhood to the north.

Though our car traffic is now very hectic, there are many alternate transit choices, from our excellent bus system to Link Light Rail, along with 3 car sharing services, and 3 bike share services. It is not difficult to live in Seattle without a car and many of our students do. The school itself is on the Rapid Ride D line, which runs downtown and all the way to cheaper housing choices in North Seattle.