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First look at Queen Anne, Interbay, Magnolia and Ballard areas, as they're nice and close to the school. Best to secure a place one to two months prior to starting if possible. (September can be more challenging to find close locations, due to the influx of University and College students coming back to school). Good idea to have with you a couple of reference letters from former rental situations, or just from people who know you (character references as a good & stable renter).

To get an idea of the rental area , you can use  mapquest or google to map the school ( 3210 West 16th Ave. 98119) to find out where we are, and the proximity of the apartment.

Seattle Neighborhoods:

Within Walking/Biking Distance:

  • Interbay- This is the school's immediate neighborhood, there are many brand new units, but more expensive. But there are also many older, more affordable, and sometimes larger units in the immediate area, including the hill to the west of the school (The eastern side of Magnolia. )  Magnolia is primarily single family homes, but you can often find good shared housing situations there.
  • Queen Anne On the south side of downtown overlooking the Space Needle it is very upscale, nice shopping district on top of the hill, probably expensive, however once in a while a student gets a good deal there in a small apartment or studio. But the north end close to the school is more affordable, and has more student friendly housing, as Seattle Pacific University is close by. Commute: 5-10 by car, 15-20 by bus. 

Within Bike, Bus and Car Distance:

  • Ballard Nice section north of downtown, probably 15 to 5 minutes Commute by car 20-25. By bus 10 to 25 min, easy bike route over bridge.
  • Bell Town The north part of downtown, a newer renovated and more upscale, thus the prices are somewhat high. Would be a great place to rent if you want to be in the heart of downtown. Commute by bus 20-25 min.
  • Downtown Ranges in price. Several students have found rental studios in the old downtown area near Pioneer Square.  Commute by bus about 30 min.  But easy bike ride along waterfront trail. 
  • Fremont Very nice district and very desirable. a pretty upscale type district with very nice little shopping areas, bars, etc. Probably also a little more expensive. Bus connections are fair, similar to Ballard which is the next district to the west of Fremont. Commute 20-25 min., longer by bus.
  • Green Lake Very nice, fairly expensive. Commute: 30-40 min. by bus, 20 by car.
  • Greenwood A long avenue running north/south in north Seattle. Greenwood is sometimes less expensive. It’s very middle class, not particularly swanky but safe and very standard urban. Has all the amenities and a fair number of apartment buildings along it. Commute time to school 10 to 20 minutes by car, 30 -40 by bus.
  • Haller Lake North, probably expensive. Commute: 20-25 by car. 
  • Lake City Northeast of downtown. Prices are probably good. It’s a nice suburban setting, long business district street with the basics, nothing fancy. Bus connects to it, but would probably have to change buses at least once. Commute time to school 20-25 min. by car. 40-50 by bus.
  • Northgate North of downtown about 15 minutes, good bus connections to most everywhere, right next to interstate 5 which runs north and south through Seattle. Prices reasonable. Has a large shopping mall and movie theatre. Commute 20 min. by car, 30-40 min. by bus.
  • Phinney Ridge Located between Green Lake and Fremont, and probably expensive. Commute 15-20 min.
  • University District Good possibility. It surrounds the University of Washington which is due north of Capitol Hill It gets a lot of pressure from all the UW students so the prices might be slightly higher and sometime harder to find a room there depending on time of year with university school starting. Commute 15 min. depending on your location, 25-30 by bus. 
  • Wallingford Very nice trendy district to the north of downtown and Queen Anne. If you have a car, this would be a 20 min. commute or so. Wallingford is very desirable and the prices tend to reflect it. Commute 30-40 min.by bus.

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