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Which SFI Degree Option is Best for You?

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At Seattle Film Institute, we know that students have different academic needs and various timelines within which they hope to finish their education. While some students may hope to get in and out of college as quickly as possible, others may need to spread their courses out over time. Whether you are interested in getting an introduction to film through the BA Certificate Program or hoping to earn a full bachelor’s degree, our curriculum offers a few ways to earn your credentials. Explore the following certificate and degree options with SFI.

SFI Concentrations

While many people know SFI has a strong reputation for our filmmaking program, we also offer programs in a number of other areas of film. Students can choose the following concentrations for their certificate or degree:

Seattle Film Institute Undergraduate Programs

Our flexible programs offer options for many kinds of students. Consider the following tracks for studying at SFI:

For Students Hoping To Jump-Start Their Career in Under a Year: Certificate Programs

SFI’s Certificate Programs are optimal for anyone hoping to hit the ground running in terms of their education. This program offers 90 credits within your chosen concentration, and students typically finish in just over one year. This program enables students to explore both theory and hands-on learning and be prepared to enter the workforce upon completion. SFI’s Career Services department will also help students find internships and jobs post-graduation.

For a Film-centric Holistic Education: Bachelor of Arts

Seattle Film Institute allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree on your chosen timeline. Essentially, this is a two-part program where you will complete your associate’s degree at a community college or other institution, and finish your bachelor’s at Seattle Film Institute.

Student’s can either come to SFI upon completion of their associate’s degree and start your bachelor’s degree right away. Alternatively, students who do not want to wait until their junior year to start taking film classes can take the “Upside Down Degree Pathway” where you will take your film focus first and then finish your AA degree.

SFI’s program also offers the benefit of a three-year bachelor’s degree, as opposed to the traditional four-year program. When students have completed their two-year 90-credit associate’s degree, they can finish the additional 90 credits with SFI in just over a year, as opposed to taking two additional years to complete their bachelor’s.

For the Student Who Needs To Study On Their Own Schedule: Self-Paced

This option is designed for students who want to get their credentials in film right away, but would like to eventually hold a bachelors degree as well. Students who take this path typically finish their 90 credits at SFI in just over one year, and then finish the additional 90 general education credits at their own pace.

At SFI, we believe in supporting students during their film education and beyond, regardless of what path they take for their degree. To learn more about SFI’s students and programs, contact us today!